Information about our running course

Welcome the WZK Tri Team – the best running club in Wassenaar!  

WZK Tri Team was originally registered as a triathlon club and that is why ‘Tri’ appears in our name. However, for many years now we have focussed on running.  Our mission is to be an association that promotes endurance sport in the general sense and in particular running as well as, be a club where everyone feels welcome and at home, both socially and part of the team.  We have approximately 100 members aged from 17 to 70 years and we cover all levels of experience from beginners to competitive runners under the guidance of qualified trainers.

The clubroom, known as ‘De Bovenkamer’ (The Room Above), is located at the Wassenaar swimming pool, the Sterrenbad. From here we are able to choose many different running routes within our beautiful surroundings for the twice weekly training sessions.  These are held every Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7PM sharp!  There are also ample opportunities to go running with our members in the forest, the dunes and/or on the beach at the weekends.

You are absolutely welcome to join us for a few trial runs to see how you go.  No charge for the first few, just come along on either Tuesday or Thursday evening.  The running groups start at 7PM from outside the Sterrenbad swimming pool so come up to the clubroom 10 minutes early so we may introduce ourselves and assign you to the right run group level.

Annual membership is €97 plus a one off €11 registration fee.  If desired, there is also a competition license fee of €22.25 per year with the Dutch Athletic Union if you are keen to run in races throughout the Netherlands.  Please complete the registration form (inschrijfformulier),  if you would like to become a member. Everybody is welcome!  

Further information (Dutch language only) can be found within the website.


Are you a runner, but missing the extra stimulus of a professional trainer and a group? Please join the 10-week running course at WZK Tri-Team, the running club in Wassenaar.

Would you like to improve your running skills? Would you like to be active in the beautiful surroundings of Wassenaar? Please join us at our running sessions, supervised by our qualified running instructors. During a 10-week running course, you will be working on improving your running techniques and your fitness. The course starts on Thursday October 25 with the possibility of a trial session on Thursday October 18.

We offer two different running courses:

• from 3 to 5 km: this is a sequel to the 6-week Start to Run course. If you are able to run for 20 minutes at a time, this course is the one for you. The training sessions are working towards finishing a 5 km performance run at a good pace.

• (fast) 10 km: for all who would like to run a new PR on the 10 km. If you are able to run for 40 minutes at a time, this course is the one for you.

From 3 to 5 km

This weekly course takes place every Thursday night from 7:00PM to 8:30PM, supplemented with two homework training sessions. The training sessions build up to a 5 km performance run on Sunday December 16, 2018.

The Thursday evening training session includes the following elements: warming up, (release) exercises, technique training, core activity and cooling down.

The costs are € 25,00. This covers one joined and two homework training sessions per week and includes the costs for the final performance run.

(fast) 10 km

This weekly course takes place every Tuesday and Thursday night from 7:00PM to 8:30PM hours, supplemented with a homework training session. Depending on the level, participants will join one of the existing running groups.

The Tuesday and Thursday evening training sessions include the following elements: warming up, (release) exercises, technique training, core activity and cooling down.

The costs are € 25,00. This covers two joined training sessions supplemented with one homework session per week.

When and where?

The training sessions take place on Tuesday and/or Thursday night from 7:00PM to 8:30PM. We assemble at our WZK clubroom which is located on the first floor of Swimming pool ‘het Sterrenbad’. You can find the door leading to the clubroom across from the parking lot, at the site of the building.

What do we expect from you?

• You are injury free

• You like to run in a group because running together is more fun

• You are prepared to train at least twice a week

• You are enthusiastic

How to enrol?

You can subscribe via this link (Registration) Please make sure you select “running course”.